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Secure Document Bin

For scheduled clients who are on a 1 week to 12 weeks frequency minimum of 4 collections per year), 1 fee per bin emptied and replaced with fresh empty bin.

120 Litre

Document Bin

$30.00 +GST

240 Litre

Document Bin

$45.00 +GST

Secure Bulk Collection of Documents

240 Litre Bin supplied, collected & documents destroyed – bin left on site for 2 week period.

240 Litre

Document Bin Fee

$50.00 +GST

Bulk Collection of Documents


Slimline Box

$2.50 +GST

A4 Copy

Paper Box

$4.50 +GST



$6.50 +GST

Jumbo Archive Box

$8.50 +GST

Do You Dread The Shred?

Document Management Services Ltd...

For times when the office shredder isn’t enough!

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Document Shredding