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Document / Paper Shredding is the most environmentally friendly method to dispose of your confidential documentation.

Our shredding machine provides a guaranteed HIGH LEVEL of SECURITY.  Once shredded further security is enhanced with the product being compacted and then pulped. Whilst in the pulping pit It is further treated with acidic waters disposing of ink and other readable fluids.

Our large industrial shredder easily cuts through folders containing metal corners, staples, paper clips and folder / ringbinder clips, etc. These metal objects do not need to be removed prior to pick up. (There is no requirement to remove your document files from ringbinders).

As stated above – once the documents / paper are shredded, the waste product is compacted and then pulped.

Our Industrial Shredder is a large, high volume machine.

We have an excellent name and reputation in the Industry and strive to uphold that name.

Utilising our SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION SERVICE reduces staff down-time and general costings involved with small office shredding machines.

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